my work

I work in oil company, in downstream directorate. After job training induction for almost a year, i were placed in oil storage terminal, in Kotabaru , South Kalimantan. I assigned in function of maintenance service.

Oil storage terminal Kotabaru is a terminal in Kotabaru, city in Pulau Laut, that has important role in order to secure distribution chain in Kalimantan area. This Oil terminal have vital asset like, pump, flow meter, oil storage tank, pipe, and Jetty. That asset must be properly maintenance.

As a fresh graduate, you can call me that, i have no experience in maintenance. In my Job training induction there are no study about maintenance, just common knowledge. It is true that i graduate from engineering major, but it is different to compare about life in work and university. And there is no proper mentor from my senior. I have to study alone, all of that maintenance vital asset.

And maintenance service (in my company) is not just maintenance facilities. You also must handle about contract, procurement, budgeting, monitoring project, and all. And all project in my work, i think it is not properly prepare. for example, there is a project cost more than half of billion but it didn’t have a drawing. And all those project that has drawing, there are no check, and re-check, you must create and check it alone. Shame on you if your drawing failed.

And maintenance a facilities sure it must have methodology to do it properly. You must have device that can gather data, analyze it, and do the maintenance. For example, we have vibratometer, that device can detect vibration. To maintain a pump, for example, vibratometer can detect if a pump is misalignment, or something trouble. We have no experience it before how to do this thing, and i just meet this device too. So My senior too. i have to study it for sure.

that is just my uneg2, after almost 3 months work in this company. I just hope that we can properly prepared to work in specific area like this. I am not blamed anybody. I will do my best to accomplished this job.

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