About dorama JIN

jin posterThis days, i spent my time watching final episode japanese drama “JIN”. JIN is a unique drama which telling about a doctor in this era who had time slipped back to edo era,  ancient japan. In edo era, minakata jin, a doctor who had time slipped, introduced peoples about modern medical technology. He had operated many people, at first, many peoples who didn’t believe the doctor, but eventually peoples trusted him, beacause he can cured illness, when that time no one can. Minakata Jin also introduced the most great invention of medicine, penicillin. Penicillin help many peoples in edo era, so that many sickness could be cured in that era. he also thought peoples about modern medical knowledge,  he hopes it could fasten medical knowledge, so Miki, his girlfriend who had uncured disease, could be cured.

Watching this movie, i ask about my self, what would i do if i by some accident have time slipped to the past? i am an engineer,instrument engineer exactly, that deals with modern tools, computer, and other advanced device. i wonder what would i do with my knowledge applied in the past, the age without computer and electricity. that’s rhetorical..:D

watching this movie, i realized that no matter what , where, and when, we must help other peoples with our power.

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