Merpati MA-60 and its conflicts, an opinion

ma60Indonesia is in panic now. MA-60 a plane made by China crashed, and many media point out that china’s made aircraft is “rubbish”, so the plane is not safety especially for commercial use. Now, congress called the government why the government still bought that aircraft instead buy from PT DI or Indonesian Aerospace a state owned company which the main business is make aircraft. It can be viewed that the government and congress not linked each other. MA-60 used by Merpati Indonesia for commercial use. MA-60 made by Xi’an Aircraft Industrial Corporation under the China Aviation Industry Corporation I (AVIC I). The airplane received certificate from the Civil Aviation Administration of China in June 2000. The first aircraft was delivered to Sichuan Airlines in August 2000. The MA60 has not been type certified by the US Federal Aviation Administration. Can believe that, MA-60 has not been certified by FAA which is very important certificate in aviation world. Prof.Habibie, former Indonesia President and aeronautical engineer said that every planes in Indonesia must have FAA certification, because it is standardization in aviation industry. Certification FAA is a guarantee that the plane is safe for flight. So why indonesia government still bought that plane?.

Government said that, China offering credit for bought that aircraft. Through Bank of China, Merpati-a state owned company, can use that credit to bought a plane MA60. Merpati has a problem in financial, so when comes offer to credit that plane, merpati grabbed it with permission government of course. Merpati provided flight in remote areas, so merpati looking for medium plane, turboprop which can landed in small area. Merpati wants the plane at least could handle 50 passengers. And PT DI, still couldn’t meet this. PT DI only could build CN 235, which can carry 35 passengers. Actually, PT DI can build 50 passengers plane, even more, in N250 plane, but this plane has not certification of FAA. The certification couldn’t complete because financial crisis in 1998.

So, why many peoples in Indonesia care about the plane? because it was made by china. As you know, many peoples in Indonesia think that almost all products made by china is easy to broke, and many of the products are rubbish, like a motorcycle, or sparepart, etc. i am not discredited china’s product, its opinion spread in state. So when the plane crashed, everyone point to China’s product. Indonesia has search why the plane crashed, even auditing the other plane, whether its meet the safety standard or not.

My opinion is, support local industry like PT DI, so PT Di can build plane that meet market needs, especially in Indonesia. Without government support it is hard to become industry that can build great plane. If local industry makes the profit, government also have advantage of it. Build Indonesia based on Technology.

Jayalah Indonesia!!!

nb: I heard the news, PT DI will build fighter plan join with korea, glad to knows about it :D.

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